Halloween on a student budget!

As all us students know well the months from October to December can be a squeeze on the bank balance. There’s bonfire night on the 5th November and of course Christmas (only 57 days to go!) but first of all comes the celebration of Halloween. Halloween is when we all used to get dressed up as kids and go Trick or Treatin’, that night of the year that everyone loved because it meant getting free sweets off of everyone in your immediate neighbourhood. But as students it’s when we all get dressed up and go out and party. This means it can be rather expensive but I have here some useful hints and tips to try and help to save some more of those much needed student pennies!

First of all if you’re thinking of throwing a Halloween party of your own then dressing up the house can also be as important to you as a host as your outfit so here’s a few pieces that you can pick up at student prices:

1. A ‘BOO!’ sign, £1 – Poundland. This glitzy sign will add a fun aspect to a table where you might have all your nibbles.

2. Ghost tea light holders, £1 – Poundland. If you have the lights off because your adding more atmosphere then these will look so nice dotted around the room. Especially as you get two in a packet.



3. Gel character stickers, 99p – Aldi. These are a little more ‘kid’ like, however we are students after all and will be good to put in the windows so your guests know what door to knock.


4. Happy Halloween fairy lights, £1 – Poundland. These could be perfect to hang in your window as there battery operated (you can pick up a huge pack of batteries from Poundland too) or you could have them around the room too!


5. Halloween spider webs, 99p – Aldi. These are pretty big which is great for windows and also for walls.


6. Cupcake boxes, cases/sticks, sprinkles and iced characters, these were all pieces I picked up from a few different shops it came to about £4 in all, a perfect way to create some sweet treats for your guests.


I decided to pop my pieces in the window and dotted around the home!

So now you have your party all decorated and ready you could also do with some ways of getting a great outfit together but not breaking the purse/wallet strings so I have a few ideas for you here too:

1. Look in your wardrobe, try and see if you can find an outfit out of something you already have. Or maybe half of your outfit is already there and you just need to nip to Primark to get something to tie it all together. Two great examples of these would be Wally from ‘Where’s wally’ or maybe even Shaggy or Velma from ‘Scooby do’.

2. Be lazy and use household items that are spare around the house or are easy to find or quick to pick up in most stores. These would be things such as sheets or toilet roll. They can make costumes like Mummys and ghosts. All you have to do is wrap the roll around you or even cute some eye holes and throw it over yourself!

3. Take on your inner creative side and make a quirkier outfit, you could buy some clear bin bags and some balloons from Poundland, cut your self a head hole in the bag, blow up the balloons (different colours of course) and add them to the bag. Tie up the bottom end and you can be a bag of Jelly Beans!

4. Think outside or even inside of a box! A box can be brilliant to create costumes out of, there’s a reason why we all found them more interesting then the actual toys at Christmas, you could create as box like as a Lego brick! All you would have to do is save a few either yoghurt pots or loo rolls, stick them on to your box and paint it a bright colour. Make yourself a head and arm holes and slip on! Brick perfect..!

And if your still stuck on ideas the check out ideas online, you can find some ideas here…

But more importantly make sure that whatever outfit or party decorations and ideas you go for you have plenty of fun making the night special. Have some laughs and enjoy the time as it will give you memories to remember when your old and complaining about all the young kids knocking on your door for sweets!

Have a great and spooky Halloween everyone!