Life as a Cricket Coaching and Management student

I constantly make the joke both in these blogs and to my friends that I am on the most oddly specific degree course the world has ever seen. Cricket Coaching and Management BSc (Hons) doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination really, does it? Or so you would think.

Despite the fact that every time I say what degree pathway I am on, I have people saying ‘ahh right you basically play cricket the whole time then’ (yes, I still roll my eyes and laugh along with them like it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, whilst dying a little bit inside each time), there is far more to this course than meets the eye.
Yes, it is true that we do have a couple of modules each year that do centre mainly around cricket, usually in the field of either coaching or performance analysis. And yes, more often than not when we find voluntary work or a placement, it will also be in the field of cricket.
But how many of you reading this who aren’t on the course thought that we would be educated in modules such as Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer, Sports Event Project Management, Brand Management, Interactive Marketing, and the Sports Entrepreneur as well?
And honestly, how many people can say they’ve left University after…
A.) Having multiple chances to work alongside some modern day greats in their sporting field
B.) Having been given the opportunity to work various different roles at an international sporting competition that attracted fans from across the world.
C.) Having not only been given the chance to obtain their own NGB coaching badges that could end up in them receiving very well paid part-time work, but having the chance to be coached by international and county level professionals as well?
I’ll give you one clue…The Cricket Coaching and Management lot, that’s who!
We may well enjoy a sport that involves an incredibly high number of picnics compared to the average, that also involves wearing outrageous clothes for the temperatures we play in far too much.
And we may well be absolute badgers about the sport we enjoy playing and working within.
But we will leave this University having been trained not only as cricket coaches and performance analysts, but as fully informed marketing and advertising students, trained in the art of entrepreneurship, and dying to grab the bull by the horns and start up our own projects.
So all in all, life as a Cricket Coaching and Management student isn’t half bad.
Yes, people do occasionally laugh at your course title. And yes, more often than not, you do get the highly intelligent rants about what a boring sport cricket is and how they’d ‘rather you than them’.
But you will also leave ready to take on the world in a sport you’re passionate about, with a degree specifically catered towards your targeted employment area.
Worth the odd bit of rubbish banter, is it not?