My everyday life as an English Literature student

Books. Books. Books. If that’s what you think it’s like being a English Literature student, then you are exactly right.

We do read a lot of books, and this is the key to the course here at Worcester and at any other university. And this is what I find so fantastic about being a student of this subject.

You get to make yourself a cup of hot steaming tea, get in to your most comfiest of clothes (my personal choice is my Jack Willls joggers and an oversized hoodie), curl up under a homely blanket and open up a new book that’s going to take you to a whole new place.

It’s the perfect escape, and then after you’ve closed up on the last page, on ‘The End’ you get to sit in a lecture hall and learn even more about why the attic in Jane Eyre has so many more hidden meanings then you ever thought it could have!

And that’s another thing that I really love about being an English Literature student, you get to have your own opinion on what a particular piece of a novel, poem or play might say but then you sit down in your carefully picked seat in the lecture theatre and you suddenly learn so much more.

Constantly building up your very own book of knowledge.


The modules also contribute to why it is the BEST course to do at Worcester. With pretty much any era of literature covered here, at Worcester, it couldn’t be much better for a bookworm that loves to move from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet too Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses.

There are also such modules as the Literature in film adaptation. Single author study and the Work placement, all giving you a chance at enhancing other aspects of your life and future (especially if you’re like myself and studied Media Studies at A-Level and can’t wait to get back into pulling apart films alongside the books!).

The lecturers are also the perfect dose of professional know-everythings and crazy fun people. They really do teach you everything.

We also have The Hive! This for anyone who doesn’t live in Worcester or the immediate surrounding areas is the Library here.

It was opened by none less than the Queen and is the only library in Europe to be owned by both the university and the general public (cool fact eh)!

It also has thousands of scholarly books and literature under its roof as well as a whole level dedicated to Archeology so you can find out so many cool things about the past that link in with your studies as a Literature student or just stuff that you’re into.

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So at the end of the day everyday life as an English Literature student is a lot of reading, but it’s also a sack full of fun too!

With one of the best libraries at your fingertips and countless amounts of cups of tea to make, it is easy to see how English Literature students come out of university having learned, what I class, as the skills for life!