Life as a trainee teacher

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to tell you that every trainee teachers life will of course be different.
BUT, there are some very similar views and opinions that many of us student teachers share.

I love being a trainee, but most days I wish that my training would hurry up so that I could be a real teacher already! But despite the days that seem tough, it’s important to enjoy and make the most out of the years that you spend getting ready for your dream career. It’s still super important to enjoy life even when you’re still a trainee, right?


So to give all of you future student teachers a little hope that the training is all worth it, I have asked my wonderful fellow students to answer this big and very important question…

“What is training to be a teacher really like?”
and this is what they said..
(quick note – NQT means newly qualified teacher)

it is very rewarding and fulfilling.”

“It gives us so much prepartion for our NQT year – providing us with a growing collection of resources, story books and ideas.”

“Well nothing is ever going to be perfect, but you learn to enjoy what you’re doing so that the children will too.”

“It’s definitely not easy, and at times it’s quite stressful. But it’s so worth it, especially when you’re on placement and you teach something that really works and the children absolutely love it.”

“Life as a trainee teacher is hard.. but the sense of achievement that you get when you teach a class and they enjoy what they are learning is amazing.”


“You need to be fully committed to the course and put so much hard work in. It’s worth it though, and very rewarding!”

“One of the toughest but most rewarding three years of mine life that has prepared me for my NQT year.”

“It’s inspirational and we learn how to be role models. You will never know the answer to everything, which makes every day a learning curve for not only the children, but also yourself.”

I agree with every single quote that I was given and it’s pretty obvious that there is a running theme.

I’d also like to point out that each of the above trainees all go to Worcester University, and they seem pretty content don’t they? (*unsubtle hint hint*)

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Being a trainee teacher is HARD, but so is training in any other career.
If it’s really what you want to do then these three years will be some of the best of your lives. If you put in the hard work you will reap the rewards that follow in a truly rewarding career.