Life as a Sport and Exercise Psychology Student

It’s fairly obvious that for me, coming to Worcester University was mainly about the GB Wheelchair Basketball centralisation programme.

But being able to combine playing basketball with doing a course I love has made coming to Worcester one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Psychology has always been of interest to me. I’ve always known that the mind is a very powerful thing, but after my accident in 2010, the surgeons said they did everything they could for me and didn’t expect me to survive; I was told that it was down to me that I did.

That obviously sparked an even bigger interest in Psychology for me.

When I became involved in Sport again, it dawned on me that the two things I am most interested in were sport and psychology so why not try combining the two and continue to study them past A Levels.

Wanting to be in Worcester was always in the back of my mind and I was praying that they would do a course that would suit me, so I was thrilled to find out that they did Sports and Exercise Psychology.


I really enjoy my course, which I am pleasantly surprised about. I’m not the most academic of people, so having the support around me, which Worcester University gives to you, is really great for me to be able to succeed in my degree.

The course has allowed me to learn more about Psychology but also link it to Sport and I am doing this on a daily basis during training. I’m already able to input things I learn in lectures into my basketball game but also into being Captain of the team.

I like the mix of having lectures with lots of people in them and also small group seminars. It means you can get to have more one on one time with lecturers which I really think benefits me and it’s how I like the learn.

It’s also great for meeting people who are on different types of Psychology courses such as Forensic Psychology. It’s really interesting to hear some of the things they do in the other areas of Psychology.

I have quite a tough time balancing the amount of training I do with going to lectures, getting in enough reading time and doing assignments, so I’ve found building relationships with lecturers and getting that one to one support to be vital in my success in both Basketball and my degree.

The Psychology lecturers are so keen to help you in whatever way they can, from making themselves available for tutorials or having open discussion boards on Blackboard.

I’m looking forward to continuing my second year as we are having more opportunities to do research which I find fascinating, it will help me massively leading on to my third year and thinking about my Independent Study.