Those things I’ll miss when I leave university

So this week was Graduation week here, at Worcester. And it made me think that there are so many things that I’m going to thoroughly miss when I leave the gates of Worcester university for the last time. I’m also sure there are more third years who are in exactly the same place, coming to terms with the fact that they will soon be leaving and that suddenly lots of everyday occurrences will soon be a thing of the past.

So this is why I have decided to make a list of the 10 things I am going to miss most about being at university…

1. The Hive!

As much as I have moaned about this over the last few years, it is actually one of the most amazing places I have ever found in the country. With it being the only joint student and general public library in Europe it means there are so many more books and opportunities that open up for students and hopefully still for me to use when I have finished my time at the university.

Worcester 161611

2. Student discounts and shopping during the week!

With the NUS card and other advantages it means there are so many different types of ways that we can use that student loan for many more things then just food and books. And this also brings to mind that fact that you don’t have to shop with the majority of the general public around. You can nip in to the city on a week day when it’s nice and quiet and you don’t have to fight to get your treats from ASDA!


3. Walking across Sabrina Bridge and exclaiming it moves!

Yes. Even third years still do this after spending countless amounts of trips going back and forth over it. It’s a Worcester student tradition and I believe something that I will always remember if I ever go over another bridge that sways like Sabrina does in intense weather conditions!


4. Wednesday “free” nights out!

Enough said really. The mix of different people dressed up from minions to a Greek god, you can’t find any better images than them that crop up after the student population have taken over Tramps for the night. The sports and societies make up a lot of the community feel here and that’s what I’m really going to miss when I pass on…

5. No more Berrys!

Berry’s. Oh yes, a good Berry’s at lunchtime always hits the spot! They are by far the best sandwiches that I have had in my whole nearly 21  years of life. It’s going to be hard to find a place as good as this to pass my lunchtimes away like I have since being a student.


6. Karaoke nights at the SU!

Karaoke and cocktails on a Friday night? What more could a student want to make up for a hard week of lectures and placements. I’m going to really miss singing along to some good old ballads and power songs while holding up my friends next to me. Again, it’s one of those fantastic things that brings the whole university together and makes you feel apart of something special, thank god for the students union!

7. Free time!

Whether it’s sitting and reading books that you have wanted to jump into to take you to place far away or to sit and watch the next series of Game of Thrones or Made In Chelsea free time is so nice. It means you can relax and just take time out of a busy lifestyle. Almost like a little holiday of an hour or two to just enjoy not having to do anything at all.

8. Being a Student Ambassador!

This has been one way in which I have found my feet here at Worcester. Through the Earn as you Learn scheme I have not only managed to find a job but I have also made so so many friends! Friends that are now what I class as family. They make me smile. It’s a great experience and I know I’m going to find it hard to find a job to follow it that will be just as rewarding in all the many ways it has been!

2014-11-01 18.34.31

9. Lay ins!

Those heavenly days where I will no longer be able not to have to set an alarm or if I do set an alarm I can just roll over and turn it off!

10. Walking into the Malvern Gate!

2014-11-14 13.34.37

Such a simple task of everyday life here at Worcester, whether it’s for having in an assignment, heading to Peirson or even just going to lecture walking into uni is one of the things that I really love the most. Just knowing I managed to get to a place that I know call home is going to be really hard to say goodbye too!

Hope all these things you agree with or perhaps there is something more that your going to miss, in that case let me know and then we can make a true list of all the things that us Worcester students will miss when we leave…