Three great books for Cricket Coaching and Management Students

Another somewhat course specific blog from me again, about the texts that can be really beneficial to people on the cricket coaching and management course (which I really hope most of you inferred from the title).

However, pretty much all of these texts are ones not only useful for the CCM course, but for general sports coaching courses as well, so may well be worth a read for people on that course too!
I have attempted to find three very different texts here, not only for a bit of variety, but for the purpose of covering all bases I can.
So here we go:
 This, as a sports coach, is your modern-day bible. Set chapters from various different authors (including Kelvin, who will have an absolute field day about this), on pretty much all the key subject areas needed for your coaching assignments, with many great recommendations to be put immediately into practical use as well.
From athlete-centered coaching to your own personal philosophy as a coach, this book has it all! As well as being available on kindle as well, which is great for book nerds such as myself!!
Obviously there are two different strands to this course: the management, and the coaching. As the first book covered the coaching, I thought I should choose a second one that covered management! And there is no better book to choose for an undergraduate perspective of sport management than this one.
I have referenced this book countless times throughout my time at University, and every time I need a reference point for a certain element of sport management, or a certain theory applying to this subject area, this has been my first choice. Well played Mr Beech, well played.
For those of you who are fellow cricket geeks, you would have seen this coming. The late great Bob Woolmer’s literary gift to the cricketing world is a must for all going into this course.
Although many won’t agree with some of the methods, and multiple advancements have been made since this was published, with certain areas of guidance to coaching having been changed by the ECB and other governing bodies, this is still a fantastic baseline for all those coming onto the course. Big Bob certainly knew what he was doing with this one.
There are of course many other useful books in all fields, with Stafford’s Coaching Children in Sport and Bill’s Sport Management text constantly being referenced, but in terms of providing a rough guide to three must-read books for CCM students, this is I believe the best I can do!
I hope this has helped all those reading if they needed a bit of guidance, and remember that your module outlines always provide you with far more texts that would be beneficial to your assessments and development in their field! 🙂
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