10 People You Will Meet On A Drama Course

  1. The one everyone wants to work with…On any drama course, there’s always the popular people who everyone wants to work with.

    Whether they’re popular because of how great they are to work with because they know what they want or because they’re just lovely and you get on well and create some good work together.

    These people you might never get to work with… It’s usually a first come first serve basis!

  2. The singer…

    I’ve found that whether it’s been on this course, in my GCSE and A-Level classes or outside of education in youth theatre groups or professional theatre groups, there’s always someone who likes a sing-along.

    Usually, to the most recent musical they’ve seen in the west end… These people know how to use their voices and know how songs can work in a performance.

    Not great for every type of performance but come on, who doesn’t like a good old sing along?

  1. The one with the big ideas…tumblr_ndjnme17Ht1u1xi57o1_1280
    There’s always someone with a million ideas… not necessarily all doable ideas as we do have budgets. This type of person is great to work with when you don’t have a clue. They will always provide you with something to try out and think about.
  1. The dancer…dance
    Likewise to the singer, there’s always someone prancing about.

    The type of person who will always lean to the physical theatre, interpretative dance or mime to get the narrative across.

    This is sometimes a great person to work with because they are very visual when it comes to performing. Being on stage the visual aspects are vital and so the dancer is a great asset to a group!

  2. The techie…

    Most performances require lighting, sound or projection of some sort and you need a techie for these things.

    Without a techie or a stage manager sometimes the logistics of a performance can fall apart.

    The techie enhances the piece for the performance standard. They don’t say ‘LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION’ in showbiz for no reason…

  3. The leader…

    Among us, we have natural leaders. The natural leader will always take the role of director, giving people direction on how to move, act or say something a certain way. It’s good to have a leader in a group. Someone who knows what’s what.
  1. The underdog…10616196_905930929439633_5779480325528436544_n - Copy
    Sometimes you come across a drama student who’s a little quieter than the rest, someone who sits back and watches while the singer, dancer and leader are being the centre of attention.

    This person will blow you out of the water. You may not even realise they’re there until you watch them perform and you soon realise your foot is in your mouth.

    Susan Boyle for example. She kept herself to herself until Britain’s got Talent where the whole nation saw this lady perform ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Mis.

    The underdog sometimes moves into the person everyone wants to work with when they’ve shocked everyone with pure talent!

  2. The organised one…clarawebb
    I’d like to say this is me. The organised one will give you a rehearsal schedule with the room numbers, date and time of when you will be meeting.

    This person will keep reminding you how many days until your assessment and this will stress you out a lot! But it’ll keep you working hard and will result in you being ahead of schedule in most cases.

  3. The one who picks you up without warning…

    A bit like the dancer this person will use physical theatre to create a performance and want to try every lift they can conjure up!

    This person will have a vision of a lift, forget they have a mouth to verbally explain the lift and just pick you up without warning.

    Before you know it you’re being elevated above this person’s head at what seems a million miles from the ground!

  4. The one who ticks boxes…

    Every assessment has criteria and this person won’t let you forget that. This person is great to work with as they will keep looking back at the criteria and making sure your performance and rehearsal process ticks all the boxes.

Though some of these people may not be your type of person everyone on a Drama course brings entertainment and laughter and most of all you feel like you’re part of a family unit when you’re a part of a Drama course!