Tips to help you stay stress free!

Assessment periods can be very stressful, but here’s some of my tips to keep your busy student life on the go without having to feel like you want to make an emergency exist!

1. Plan, plan, plan.


At the beginning of each month make sure you have in your mind and written down somewhere all the important dates. These might include Worcester Weeks when assignments are due in or even just your lectures. This, therefore, gives you an overview of everything that is coming up which means you can start putting in the work hours in a more manageable way rather than all at the last minute.

This, therefore, gives you an overview of everything that is coming up which means you can start putting in the work hours in a more manageable way rather than all at the last minute.


2. Get yourself a diary/calendar.


I personally have both (in fact I have two calendars) and it means that as soon as I need to go somewhere or do something it’s written down.

Don’t go fully relying on your phone because the problem with this is when you’re out and about, it could die and your charger isn’t always going to be close to hand.

At least with this, it’s all on paper and it means that you always have it written somewhere. Plus the advantage of the diary is that you can make it portable too…

3. Make sure you have a “space”.

Whether this is a desk in your room or a table at the Hive or Peirson, having a nice quiet place to call your own is great for relieving stress.

Make sure that it is tidy so that when you come to settle down, you’re not bombarded with the clutter and put off wanting to read an extra chapter of a book or editing the next video for your portfolio.

Also, make sure if it’s a desk you have, that it has things that make you smile around it too.

Why don’t you try a candle, a mug of tea or a notice bored with photos and inspirational messages?

4. Social hours are good for you!

Going out for a few drinks with your friends is not going to make you a bad person, neither is making Christmas gingerbread men and mince pies with your mum or nan. In fact, this is a perfect way to get rid of some stress.

By filling up some of your time with loved ones you feel as though your life isn’t all about one thing and it means you know the next day you’re going to work extra hard on the next part of your course because you had a lovely day before that is keeping you smiling.

5. Do a sport.

This can be anything from going out for a run or cycle on your own to joining the local gym or exercise classes.

Exercising releases some of those “good feeling” hormones that everyone needs and it means you feel not only less stressed about things but you’re doing something good for your body too!

6. Have a good old feast.


Make sure you’re also eating plenty too, so what if it’s chips and steak with all the trimmings. You can’t run your life on no fuel so make sure you at least have 3 square meals a day, this will keep not only your body super healthy but your mind in action too.

7. Have ‘ME’ time scheduled

Make sure you sit back with a big bag of popcorn and your favourite movie, watch all of a T.V series in one go or just have a bath, making time for yourself is the best way to keep those stress levels at bay. If you’re relaxed, it means everything else is more likely to go smoothly.

So don’t feel bad if all you want to do is sit and watch four hours of Gossip girl or Match of the Day since day one of the 14/15 season, as long as you know you have a plan in place and you’re not going to be leaving everything until a last minute rush

Hope this all helps to see a way of making sure you stay on top of most things if anyone gives it a go and it works out for you don’t be afraid to tell me or alternatively if you have any new ideas then let me know those too!