Why you should stop panicking about what you’ll do after university.

Being in my third and final year of University was always a time I have been dreading the most… not so much because of the 8000 word dissertation, which I will admit does sound intimidating, but the prospect of ‘what next?’. I know I’m not the only one and those of you thinking that you are the only one who hasn’t got it “all together” by the end of your uni life, believe me, you’re not. So here’s a bit of advice from me about why you should stop panicking about what you’re going to do and make not having a clue into a positive!

Do some work experience or get a job! A little part time job while you’re studying doesn’t just get you some extra pennies, it also will confirm what you’re like in the work place and what type of work suits you or doesn’t suit you. I have always wanted to be a teacher but for what age group has been my pull between for the last few years. Running youth theatre workshops has given me an idea of what it’s like to work with 5-7 year olds and with 12-18 year olds. Having this experience in a work place is a way to understand what the work involves and whether it suits your personality or not.


Do some research! Have a look into what those who graduated in your degree have gone on to work as. You may discover a job opportunity you didn’t know existed which may be an interest of yours. But have a look out there at what jobs there are and give them a try! Try before you buy has never been truer. There’s no point getting into a job you end up hating for the rest of your life.

Don’t be afraid to get it wrong! You’re not expected to leave university knowing exactly where you’re going. If you do know where you’re going, you’re also not expected for that to be the right decision for you. People change career paths all the time; it’s about being brave enough to do so. A career move is not necessarily a bad decision!


Don’t worry about having to move back with your parents! After all ‘Mum knows best!’ Your parents/guardians have been there through it all from starting primary school to UCAS applications and they have seen you develop into the person you are today! Don’t be afraid to return home and have some time to “get it together.”

Be proactive! There’s nothing stopping you applying to several jobs that you might be interested in. The more interviews, the more experience and experience will pay off! Once you’re in that job, like I previously said, don’t be afraid to quit and try and new job if you’re unhappy. You’ve worked so hard these last three years to not be happy in a job!

Just remember it’ll all work out in the end!