Vital Student Teacher Resources!

As a student teacher, I spend my life making and finding resources for my lessons. I spend a lot of time searching online for the best ones and this saves HOURS of making resources from scratch. As my tutor told me, ‘there’s no point in reinventing the wheel’. For all budding student teachers reading this I have made a top 5 list of my most used places I find resources, maybe any student teachers reading this can add their own in the comments sections?

  • TES: TES connect is a website in which you can find nearly everything you might need as a teacher. You can find resources, jobs, publications and further education news all in one place. If you search for resources, it shows resources that teachers have uploaded to the website to share with other teachers. You need to be very selective about what you use as not all resources are suitable for all classes, but it is definitely a great place to start and get ideas! GREAT FOR INSPIRATION! 
  • Twinkl: Twinkl is a website in which you can find primary resources in nearly every topic you can think of. They are invaluable for the use in displays and very useful for games, flashcards, worksheets and other resources. Their resources are beautifully made and of very high quality. It is very useful for me as it has a whole section on resources for SEND education! Some resources are locked in for members only, but a membership isn’t very expensive with the highest level of membership only costing £3.75/month!! GREAT FOR QUALITY RESOURCES! 
  • TES iBoard: This provides a huge number of interactive games that can be used on Interactive White Boards (both SMART and Promethean). I use this website nearly every day on placement to find games and activities that the whole class can get involved in as children can come up to the board and play the games with the rest of their class. GREAT FOR INTERACTIVE RESOURCES! 
  • Primary Resources: This is another website that collates resources from other teachers so that professionals can share their work with one another. It has resources for every subject you can think of and I have yet to search for a topic that it hasn’t found something for! Again you need to be selective with what you use and make sure it relates to your specific class, but it sorts resources out into appropriate year groups, a massive time saver! GREAT FOR YEAR GROUP SPECIFIC WORK! 
  • NRich Maths – This website is specifically for numeracy resources but has resources for both Primary and Secondary children! It has both worksheets and interactive games and is useful for a wide range of topics. It has a rolling trending box showing exciting resources for the day to keep your resources new and fresh. GREAT FOR BOTH PRIMARY AND SECONDARY WORK!

These are only 5 of the places I find my resources but they are all invaluable to help save some time (as student teachers you don’t have much time to spare!). I wonder if any other student teachers can contribute to this list?