Top 5 Reasons Students go Home for Christmas

One thing I have always looked forward to in all three years of my course has been going home for Christmas. By December, I am always well and truly ready to go back to my family home in Gloucestershire, to enjoy the festivities and catch up with relatives! Here are my top 5 reasons to go home for Christmas…

  1. The chance to be lazier than usual is one of the benefits of going home for Christmas. Luckily, Mum does my washing and ironing and Dad does the washing up which are just a few jobs I hate doing for myself at University.
  1. I get to go back to my part time job as a Nursery Assistant! I have been working at the Nursery in my hometown in the summer and at Christmas since my last year of Sixth Form meaning I’ve seen children go from 1 year olds to 4 year olds ready for school and it’s so nice to go back and see how much they’ve grown up.
  1. My own bed. As much as my uni bed is fairly comfortable, you can’t beat the feeling of your own bed in your own room. It’s definitely the little things.home1


  1. Food!!! I don’t know if this is just me, but I feel like I’m in a supermarket living at home as there is so much food! And Mum doesn’t hesitate to fill my plate up so I don’t “starve” like she thinks I do at uni (which believe me I don’t)!


  1. I love seeing my family and that’s the best thing about Christmas. Those family members I don’t really see the rest of the year means that Christmas is the perfect reason to get together and enjoy each other’s