Celebrating a New Year – My student resolutions!

What better way to celebrate 2016 than thinking about all the resolutions and goals you can set yourself? Being a student means there’s a lot of things to do, so this is why I suggest to set yourself some goals, big or small, for the up and coming months.

Making a new year resolution comes from the days of the Babylonians and the Romans who would made promises to their gods at the beginning of the year. Even in the medieval-era the righteous knights took something called the ‘Peacock vow’ which meant that they declared their re-affirming commitment to chivalry. In America at the start of the 21st Century, an estimated 40% of the population made resolutions.

I personally don’t think I have ever made a new years resolution that I have been able to keep, so this year I wanted to suggest a few simple things that would help myself (and hopefully many more of you). So here goes:

  1. Tidy my things away a little more don’t leave it until I am procrastinating, A happy home makes you feel better in the long run.
  2. Pick a new hobby, it really can be anything; from something simple like reading to something more active like cycling!2014-12-26 14.50.36
  3. Get into cooking (this could even be your new hobby).
  4. Make sure you always have a good bedtime routine, as a female I need to make sure I take off my make up before bed but also making sure I brush my teeth, and brush my hair too all helps for the next day.
  5. Exercise, instead of riding the bus or always getting in a lift, then try getting off at an earlier stop of taking the stairs. Little bits of exercise help you to get fitter throughout the year!2014-12-31 09.22.45
  6. Get some extra sleep, put the text books or electronic devices down and make sure you get enough rest so that you can be more productive the next day.
  7. Make sure you do your washing, changing your sheets each week can be irritating but there really isn’t anything better then having all your clothes clean and getting into new sheets after a long day of lectures. On a side note, make sure you then hang up those clean clothes in the wardrobe…
  8. Keep in contact with all your family and old friends, they are the ones that have always been there so make sure you spare them some of your time occasionally.

I hope these give you some ideas on how to keep your new year ticking over!