Drama Ambassador – Earn as you Learn

Being a drama ambassador for the university is one of the jobs I have at the university as part of the Earn as you Learn scheme. Most of the drama ambassadors are third year students and so I thought I’d write a blog post to tell everyone why you should become a drama ambassador when the job is advertised later in the year.
A few girls on my course and in the year above me when I was in second year used to always talk about how much fun being a drama ambassador was. One of my friends had got the job beginning of second year and when the job was advertised at the end of that year, I was eager to apply.

The good thing about the hiring process is that you apply and are interviewed like you would be outside of the university and this is good practice for the future.


I got the job! Since September 2014 I have been co-running two youth theatre sessions at Malvern Theatres. We run a 5-7 mini theatre makers session on Tuesday’s from 4-4.45 and 12+ from 5pm – 7pm on the same day. It’s great fun and working with children is something I really want to do so this experience is invaluable for me. Although it’s a challenge at times its a fun job and seeing all the children perform in their end of term show which I’ve helped to direct and produce gives you an overwhelming sense of achievement.