3 top books for Psychology students.

Before I started my PGCE course, I did a Psychology course at the University of Worcester .This involved A LOT of reading, both textbooks and journals but there are a few key textbooks that I would recommend any Psychology Undergraduate student to read. Here are a few of them.

The Science of Mind and Behaviour

This book got me through the whole of first year and was referenced in nearly every essay and exam!

It is really good for those who have never done Psychology before as it lays out the key theorists and their work.

It’s also good for those who had done Psychology before because it’s a good reminder and stretches you to further reading around the topic.

It’s the KEY textbook for all first years and even second/third years and I recommend it to everyone!

Anything published by Psychology Express

These books are commonly written by University of Worcester Psychology lecturers (So you know it’s the right stuff to learn!) and they are written for each module you sit.

They cover the basics that you need to know for assignments and exams and point you in the direction of further reading to widen your knowledge and reference list!!

I’ve found them really useful for exams as they give you the basics you need to make sure you cover the right things in your answers and give you a basis for revision.

‘Critical thinking in…’ books published by Learning Matters

Once again these are a group of books that are specific to individual modules and again are often written by lecturers at the University of Worcester, usually the ones that are taking your module lectures.

They are different to the Psychology Express books because they specialise in ‘critical thinking’ therefore they are more in-depth and critique the approaches in more depth.

They are really good for use in essays and assignments because they give you a range of views and approaches to use in a debate and critical evaluation.