You know you’re a drama student if…

After the good reception I received from my ‘10 People You Will Meet On A Drama Course’ post, I have decided to write a ‘You know you’re a drama student if…’ post uniting all Drama students and those of you who are thinking of studying drama, but are not sure whether you’ll fit in or not… Maybe even those of you studying other courses will find this relevant as well. If anyone has any other quirks and traits of a Drama student I haven’t mentioned please do comment!

You know you’re a drama student if…

1. You find yourself wondering why people are looking at you weirdly, then you realise you’re walking around campus in costume or with face paint covering your face making you look pretty odd to anyone who doesn’t understand what you’re doing…

2. Whenever you listen to music you wonder if it could be potentially used in your next assessment


3. You can easily justify why you’re rolling round on the floor

4. You take fancy dress seriously

5. Talking to yourself isn’t the first sign of madness, you’re just learning your lines

6. When reading a fiction book or novel, you imagine yourself as your favourite character and wish you could have that role in the stage version or film version

7. When you scream at the top of your voice and none of your housemates run to help because they assume you’re rehearsing

8. You spend weeks on a practical assessment only to change the entire idea the week before

9. You don’t see daylight the day before your assessment because you’re in an all-day rehearsal

10. You find presentations harder than acting in front of 100 people.

11. You’re not bothered by public humiliation


12. You’re usually getting told to be quiet

13. You have a separate box or space in your wardrobe for costume and fancy dress

14. You wish the West End was on your doorstep and ticket prices were affordable

15. You’re crazy enough to try for the theatre industry knowing it’s one of the hardest out there, but you’re ready for the challenge even when half the people you know don’t believe you can do it!