Three Realisations You Have During Your Final Year at University

As previously stated in my blogs, the final year at University has a lot going on.

During this time, you may well have a series of epiphanies. Some of which may be life-changingly important….

Others may be as trivial as thinking about just how much pasta and smart price sauce you have consumed over the last two and a half years.

But there are some that you are pretty much guaranteed to have. It is these I have listed below:

Just How Old You REALLY Are Now….

Twenty-One. Pretty much everyone in their third year will be turning at least 21 during the course of it.

You know, that magical age in American movies where their entire life unfolds in front of them, they go to huge parties, have epic road trips, and at the end of it land killer jobs?
Sounds fun right?

Well, I’ve not even turned 21 yet, and so far all I have got out of my ever-increasing age is a few gray hairs on the side of my head, and the realisation that my beard now starts just below my eyes and finishes in the middle of my Adam’s apple….

It’s only a matter of time before I look more Gorilla than human.

And on top of that, I am now older than 90 percent of the professional sportsmen they call ‘Promising Young Talents’…. when did this happen?!?

You Actually Need to Make Important Life-Decisions

Oh yeah. Scary times ahead.

No more can you hide in the shadows of your University commitments, muttering both optimistically and fearfully about how you have ‘plenty of time to decide what you want to do’.

THE TIME IS NOW, I’M AFRAID! And every third year student is slowly realising it!!

Further education?! Full-time job?! Internship?! BREAD LINE?!?!?



You Will Actually Really Miss Your Friends When You Graduate

Wait… what?? You mean we don’t get to live with six people just as chaotic and disorganised as us forever, in houses other people help us find, paid for by money that isn’t ours?!

The thoughts that cross every final year student’s mind at some point.

It is incredibly easy to forget that all of this has to come to an end at some point.

So make the most of these last few months! Enjoy the chaos of living with your friends, procrastinating and taking nothing seriously! Because it won’t last forever!! Unfortunately…