First semester at Worcester / Worcester Adventures

My first semester at Worcester is over and I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed by. Induction week feels so long ago and I can only laugh at how terrified I was during that time, thinking I would either not make any friends or literally die surrounded by books. Luckily, my life at Worcester is nothing like I imagined. After all, I’m still alive, aren’t I?

As an international student who just came to university, I used to compare everything to my hometown. Therefore, I wasn’t familiar with Harvard referencing or having an academic tutor, or with the joys of self-service checkout. As I got accustomed to these new pieces in my life, I started to enjoy the whole university experience (and what incredible experience that is!!).

During classes, I was surprised to see how welcoming and helpful the lecturers were and that team work and individual work were equally important. I also made some really good friends, with whom I can spend crazy nights singing karaoke, dancing or laughing when we find a funny difference between our cultures.


The Hive has also become a good friend when in need, helping me whenever I needed a quiet place to study and offering me books and references for my projects.

With my first semester at Worcester came my first job, my first paycheck and the need to learn how to cook. I also got to enjoy spontaneous trips to places with divine ice cream, beautiful plays at Malvern Theatre (which are a must!), a perfect John Legend concert and the royal ballet playing The Nutcracker. As with assignments, my first one started up with me in tears, but at the end, I got an A+! Yeeeey!


I used to think moving to Worcester for university would only give me an intellectual boost, bringing me closer to my dream job. Now I can easily say it is more than that! Even if I miss home sometimes, I know I’ve made the right decision, as I found another place where I am truly happy.