Four Things You Need To Know Before Starting Drama at Worcester

As many lists as you might receive from UCAS or Endsleigh or the actual University you’re planning to go to about what you need to know before going to University, they’re never normally very specific to your individual course. I have decided to write a blog specifically for Drama students about the things you should know before beginning your drama degree!

  1. Budget for Theatre Trips!

    Sometimes the University organises theatre trips within modules for you to go on which do cost, and you’ll have to pay for, so it’s good to keep aside money for theatre trips.

    These trips are valuable for learning about the particular style of theatre you may be learning about.

    It’s also good to go and see as many theatre productions as you can, to keep creative and inspired, so even if a module doesn’t organise a specific trip, it’s good to have the money to be able to go with a few friends!

  2. Buy Appropriate Clothing!

    What you wear to lectures is very important on a drama course and making sure you tailor your outfit to the module you’re doing.

    For example, don’t turn up to dance or physical theatre in jeans. You won’t be able to move to your best ability and get the most out of your module.

    Also make sure you don’t mind getting a bit dusty because a lot of the modules require you to be on the floor exploring your surroundings.

    Similarly, make sure you have warm layers of clothing you can wear for when modules take drama outdoors, for example in physical theatre, site specific, theatre real lives and history and dance.

  3. Stationary is Vital!stationary
    Having lots of stationary is vital for a drama course. You need highlighters or post stick notes to indicate places in a script or quotes in a book. Note pads to jot notes down and any inspiration you have for a performance during a lecture. A diary!

    My diary has been my saviour these last three years and this probably applies to lots of other courses too, but with drama you’re always rehearsing outside of lecture time and when you have four modules, it is very easy to clash rehearsal times.

    So knowing when you’re doing what and having all that information in one place in the form of a diary is not a bad idea!

  1. You Must Bring Plenty of Enthusiasm!10291699_809520729080654_3459461233321464019_n
    One of the biggest things you must know about a drama course is that without enthusiasm, drive and love for the course, you’re going to struggle!

    A drama course does come with its tough days and it can be stressful when you care so much about it, but being enthusiastic about the work you’re producing is the only way to keep going.

    Whatever work you make, make sure you enjoy it and you have fun otherwise you won’t be into it and it’ll never be as good as you want it!