Skills for the future: English Language

How can studying English Language get you a job in the future?

There are more skills than you think.

Say if you haven’t done too much work experience at university and hardly any extracurricular activities either, then here is a list of qualities that make linguistics students more employable…

1) You can work on your own

2) You get to grips on researching

3) You have learned why people speak, write and type the way they do


4) You have been involved in or even lead debates

5) You are skilled in showing your arguments and opinions in both written and spoken form

6) You are very analytical with even the smallest bit of detail

7) You know how children acquire language and the different speech problems that may occur


8) You know about multilingualism and the different ways of teaching a language to children and adults

You can’t just throw all of them in, just the ones relevant to the job you are seeking.

This could be applied to all courses offered. No good applying for a London publishing assistant job, saying you know how teach English as a foreign language, unless they are specifically language-based publishers.

Keep it relevant – There are a lot of skills you pick up without even realising.

The Careers and Employability service at the university can give current students professional and impartial advice, but if you would like more careers help before you come to university contact your school careers team.