Don’t panic…UCAS Extra can help!

UCAS Extra is something that not many people have heard of, but can be an absolute lifesaver for a number of students! It allows you to add more choices onto your UCAS application, however, not everyone is eligible for this. But don’t panic – this post will talk you through what UCAS extra is and how you can apply for it.

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So what is UCAS Extra? As the name suggests UCAS extra allows you to make a few more university choices via UCAS in the event that you haven’t got any offers yet, if you haven’t used all of your five offers or if you’ve only just considered applying to university. Do not panic if you end up in this situation, UCAS Extra is here to help!


If you find that you’ve made five choices and you’ve declined some and not received offers from others, you can use UCAS Extra.


If you’re eligible for this a button, it will appear on your track page. Here you’ll be able to see courses that are open through Extra and you can apply that way – read the course information to find out more details!

  1. DON’T RUSH!

Just like your original UCAS application, don’t rush it! Take your time to call the universities and speak to them in detail about the course and entry requirements – it also gives you a chance to see whether  there are any places left on the course.


You might be using the same personal statement from your original UCAS application which is great if you’re applying for the same course as before, however not so great if you’re changing course completely. Again, speak to the university as they may wish to have a separate personal statement or a completely different one to support your application. This will be submitted directly to the university and not through UCAS Extra.


You can only apply for a course and university one at a time, and, therefore, when you accept an offer from a university through Extra, that is your firm choice. Because you can only apply one at a time, you do not get the chance to have an insurance place. This is why it’s important to do your research and call the universities before accepting an offer. If your additional choice is unsuccessful you can select another one through UCAS Extra.


The universities have 21 days to reply to your offer and it’ll appear on your track if you’re offered a place; however if you have not heard from the university after 21 days, then get in contact with them.

And that’s 6 easy steps on how to battle with UCAS Extra. Extra opens from 25th February until July so you have time to look at the universities and see what courses they have; clearing opens from July onwards. UCAS Extra is a great tool to get your back up plan into motion and allow you to do your research on the universities and courses. So whatever happens, DON’T PANIC!

There’s a great flowchart that explains how to use UCAS Extra on the UCAS website, if you need to know more.