Surviving your first week of University

A nice entry from one of our Primary Initial Teacher Education students, Taylor Cornes. Enjoy reading! 🙂

The Critical Blog

This is the first in a series of posts by Taylor Cornes who is currently in her first year studying Primary Initial Teacher Education at the University of Worcester. She has wanted to be a Primary School Teacher from as long as she can remember. During her time at Primary School, she was inspired by a number of teachers who were encouraging, supportive and dedicated to teaching which further fuelled her ambition to train to become a teacher. She thoroughly enjoys studying at the University of Worcester and is looking forward to the exciting journey ahead.

In the weeks leading up to starting University I was a nervous wreck. The thought of being in a new place with new people that I didn’t know filled me with anxiety. I imagined being swamped by people and getting lost trying to look for my class. I was so wrong! One important note to remember…

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