Another great thing to do in the City of Worcester!

There are SO many reasons why the city of Worcester is a wonderful place.

In an attempt to not repeat myself, find my top 5 reasons to love Worcester city.

But, I’m not just talking about general reasons to love the place, i’m talking more of the specific, weird and wonderful places and things that Worcester has to offer.

Throwing back to last year, my fellow blogger David did a blog on ‘6 unexpectedly entertaining things to do as a University student,’ which is definitely worth a read!

I hope to only build on this list with what is commonly known in my house now as the ‘BEST. FIND. EVER.’

It has recently been my 21st birthday and I wasn’t really feeling the normal dinner, drinks and a night out routine – as great as those times are.

I wanted to do something different. But what is there to do in Worcester that we don’t already know about?


Laser quest and Go-karting in the same building, just 10 minutes out of the city centre did I just hear?


Both activities that I love but hadn’t done for years soon became a plan set in stone when I realised it wasn’t just me that still thought laser quest was cool… (phew)

I apologise if you already knew that this place existed, but I feel it’s too good of a find to let any more poor students go through an entire degree without knowing about it.

So, the evening of my birthday, myself and some of my friends and family took part in 25 laps of go-karting and 3 games of laser quest (for just £20.)

It was epic.

Another great thing that the City of Worcester has to offer. Stick that on the list!