Living in halls: Day one

Moving into halls or student accommodation can be quite nerve-wracking, I, for one, was extremely nervous the day I moved into halls.

One of the main reasons I was worried was because I was moving away from home to move in with 5 new people I had never met before. I was so nervous on the day and when I arrived at university, everyone I walked past was a potential new flatmate.

I signed in and received my keys and went off to see my new flat. My flat was really lovely and I had a nice spacious room.

Avon Halls Room and Sign

When I arrived, one of my new flatmates was already unpacking next door, so I said a quick hello and went to unpack in my room. The whole situation felt a little bit like Big Brother; who was going to walk through the door next?

I started to unpack my stuff and it only felt like 5 minutes before it was time for my parents to leave and I was on my own.

My cousin had sent me a ‘University Survival Pack’ with a few essentials in – within the pack was a door stop which I used to prop my door open. This meant my door was open so when people arrived I could pop my head out of the door and say hello.

When everyone had arrived and all parents had gone, we went into the kitchen and all introduced ourselves over a cup of tea. I don’t know why I was worried as everyone was lovely and we were all just as nervous as each other!

Moving into halls ended up being one of the best ways to meet new people who weren’t on my course, I lived with people who studied Psychology, English, Geography and Art. I also met loads of different people in the surrounding flats on campus too!

Third Year House

I was so worried that I was going to forget something, luckily my Mom made sure everything I needed was packed!

One of my new flatmates forgot to bring a quilt and had to go and buy one! But that gave her a really good excuse to find the local supermarket and buy some food as well.

Another one of my friends had forgotten to bring her toothbrush, but one of her new flatmates gave her a spare one she had brought with her! At the time, it was a drama but it turned out to be a good ice breaker and we still laugh about these things now.

The first few weeks are all about settling in and finding your feet. Go out and find out where the local shops, bars and shopping places are.

During the first month, I did feel a bit homesick, but it was just because I was in a new environment away from what I was used too. Everyone may feel a little bit homesick at some point and that is completely fine.

I went to chat with my personal tutor and we just talked about everything which made me feel much better.

Moving into halls was one of the best ways to meet new people and to make friends. A lot of the people I lived around during my three years at university I still talk to now and I will talk to for a long time after university.