Being an international student is not easy. It’s very fun, however. True, it might seem scary at first to take all your things and just leave home, but everything that follows transforms you. From feeling lost in the airport trying to find your shuttle bus to the university, to graduating and feeling on top of the world, to realising you need to sort things out and get your life on the right path, to being homesick and crying yourself to sleep some nights. It’s part of the journey…

During my three years at the University of Worcester, I have had some of the most amazing times of my life. I’ve met a lot of interesting people – from lecturers to work colleagues, from classmates to flatmates – I’ve learnt so much from them!


They helped me when I needed help, they made me laugh and always showed me a good time. Before coming to Worcester, I always imagined myself being lonely and having a hard time making friends, but that proved to be very easy right from the airport. It’s great to remember meeting and making friends from the very first moments in this new country I call “home” and it’s even better that we are still in touch now.

Skype is definitely of great help and keeps the friendship strong even if we are in different countries, continents (France, Spain, Denmark, USA). And it’s great to share those uni memories when we went abroad on  holidays  or when we spent our nights trying to get that presentation to look and sound flawless.


Now we are all graduates, but the journey hasn’t stopped yet…we are all still looking to internationalise ourselves even more! Some are studying master’s degrees in another part of the world; others are working as flight attendants, doing transatlantic flights; some are working in multinationals, others offer consultancy services for clients all over the world and I myself am working as an International Graduate Ambassador for the University of Worcester.


Interesting, right? #weareinternational