Thoughts you have when… it’s results day

Results day… the day you will have had marked on your calendar from the very start of the year. However terrifying the thought of it may be, the reality is that for some of us who want to go to university, it’s a very important day, one that could decide your future. To prepare you and to get an insight on what to expect, here are some of the thoughts I had on results day.


  • I should have revised more for my exams then I would be feeling better now

This is not strictly true no matter how much effort you put in for your exams, you will always constantly think you could have done better

  • It’s 6am, I’m awake and there is no way I’m getting back to sleep

Your school or college will have already given you details of the times that you need to collect your results. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do but sit tight till then.

  • My friends will have done better than me

It doesn’t really matter whether your friends have done better or worse than you. Concentrate on your own results and your own future – just be a little sensitive, however, to those who didn’t do so well!

  • I’m not getting into university, I will never go to university, my life is ruined

This is not logical, especially if you haven’t checked track or opened your results yet. If you haven’t achieved the grades needed to get into your firm or insurance choice university then do not panic, there are plenty of opportunities available for you including clearing and reapplying next year

  • The “oh my goodness, I got into university” shortly followed by the “oh my goodness, I have to go to university”

Once the initial results day panic is over, there comes a moment where you actual stumble upon the realisation that you’re going to university. It’s a mixture of excitement, worry and more excitement.

  • So, I have my results, I got into university but now what do I do for the rest of the afternoon?

When you’ve calmed down from the day, you will start to wonder why on earth you were worrying in the first place and now is the time to decide how you’re going to celebrate.


Hopefully, this will help if you are worried about what to expect on results day. If you want to know more about what to expect when you arrive at university, get in contact with the Graduate Ambassador team on twitter @uwinsiders.