A mix of funny and cool things about being a drama student here at the University of Worcester.

1) It’s perfectly acceptable to cross-dress! It’s for a Feminism module…

2) When you casually walk around campus with a mask you’ve just made in your Mask-Making modules, startling people as you go past

No 2

3) Performing on stage is too mainstream, so you much prefer acting in strange places… like a morgue!

No 3

4) You might as well have ‘I can’t, I have rehearsals’ tattooed on your forehead. So every time you could just point, instead of wasting breath

No 4

5) You frequently have people saying “Well, we can sure tell you’re a drama student…”

No 6

6) When you go for ¬†educational field trips to museums, you end up taking many selfies instead! This guy is such a poser, we had such banter…

No 7

8) We made collages to help us with our written theory. Such visionary thespians…

No 8

8) A practical exam you create could be booked, giving you an opportunity for your first paid acting job

No 9

9) You are part of or wanting to be part of one of a drama society at the university

No 10

10) Media students want/need drama students giving you a chance to create a showreel

No 11

11) Halloween? Yes. We go all out!

No 12

12) It’s a rockstar lifestyle. I mean you drive around in such flashy fancy cars!

No 13

13) The first ever lecture consisted of a massive dance party with songs like Macarena and YMCA. Definitely an ice-breaker

No 14

14) You actually have an excuse to have multiple personalities…

No 15

Just a few things I love about being a drama student!

Could you think of any more?

Comment below!