Should you do a Postgraduate Degree straight after your Undergraduate?

After you’ve finished your undergraduate degree, there are many different routes you can take from going straight into work to having a year out. The one I chose was to go straight into a postgraduate teaching degree the same year. It’s a decision I had always planned to do and hadn’t really considered any other option.

But since starting the course, I have learnt that people choose a range of routes after undergraduate degrees. I believe starting a postgraduate course straight after my undergraduate course was the best choice for me, but I also understand it’s not for everyone. Here are my top 5 reasons for doing a postgraduate course straight after my undergrad.

  • You’re in the routine of writing essays in the university style
  • You’re still in the mind frame of going to lectures and note-taking
  • If you stay at the same university, you already know the campus, city and lecturers
  • You’re used to living off a student loan
  • You probably are living in student accommodation already so you’re used to having to share your space with other students

Mainly, I thought that I was in the mindset of university life so I may as well keep going whilst I’m used to essay-writing, student accommodation and student loans. However, I do understand that a lot of people have a break from university life to work, travel or volunteer as it provides life experience and a well-deserved income!

Going straight into a postgraduate degree was the best choice for me, but it might or might not be for you, so make sure that it’s something you truly want and that it’s the best time for you to continue your studies.

For those who chose to do a postgraduate degree, I hope it’s going well. For those who chose to have time out and get extra life experience, then I hope that’s going well too. Make the right choice for you!