Royal Literary Fund Writer in Residence

Everyone worries about essay writing when coming to university and this worry doesn’t really go away when you get further through university, a massive 5000 essay never really gets much easier. But there is hope! What I didn’t know (but am definitely now going to use!) is that the University of Worcester has its own Royal Literary Fund Writer in Residence. How this is a fancy name, but he’s called Duncan Forbes and is available to all students to help with academic writing at any level in any discipline. How helpful is that!!

It’s totally confidential, lasts about 45 minutes and can be given on a one-to-one basis so no need to feel worried about sharing your work with your peers. Duncan can advise on both work in progress and completed work. He can help with a lot of different things ranging from expression, style, accuracy, planning, structure and relevance.

He’s on campus 9am-5pm Monday and Tuesday in Bredon 034 and you can get in touch with Duncan via his email addresses either or

Make sure you make the most of this really useful resource!