5 Apps That Have Helped Me Through University

Being in lectures is only half of what you experience at university and your social life and what you do in your spare time is another aspect of University life. I’m always on my phone and my phone holds a lot of information which has helped me through my three years at University. So I thought I’d share my top five apps that have helped me through university…

  1. Instagram
    I love taking photos and uploading them to share with my friends and I love seeing photos my friends have taken too. Instagram is one of my favourite social media sites and I love seeing what fashion bloggers are wearing and what to spend my money on!instagramApp
  1. UW Mobile
    One of the best apps I have is the University’s own app. It has the exact same apps as those on the student login on your computer, but you can access them all on your phone. Lecturers are always uploading information about modules onto the  blackboard and you never know when they’re up there unless you take time to look on your computer. The UW App notifies you when there’s new material on the blackboard so you never miss a thing. Great if you’re on the go and busy like myself!phone_app-1-of-1
  1. Spending
    This app is a great budgeting app to use so you don’t over spend! It is very easy to lose track of expenses and end up in your overdraft a situation of which we’re all too familiar! Spending lets you sort your expenses into categories of which you can choose how much you want to budget for clothes, nights out etc. You then can say how much you’ve spent on certain categories and the app works out how much you have left. If you don’t like writing it all down, you get confused with your online banking account and you don’t want to keep turning on your computer to check your bank; this is a great app to use!SpendingApp
  1. UniDays
    If you have an NUS card you can get the UniDays App for free. It gives you discount codes off a range of shops and online stores. You can get discount on most things, from H.Samuel to Sky and from Spotify to Asos. There are loads of great discount codes to help cut down some of those spending habits!UniDaysApp
  1. Kim Kardashian Game
    I have to admit this is one of my favourite games. We all have a guilty pleasure and the Kim Kardashian game is one of mine, it’s something to do when I want a break from work and working out how much I’ve spent on clothes and shoes! Whether its Candy Crush, Flappy Bird or Crossy Roads, we all love to play games, however old we are. Games are a great way to have some down time and not have to think too much!

What apps have helped you through uni? Let me know by commenting below!