Top tips on exam success

Between now and going to university there is just one thing standing in your way; either exams or handing in your final piece of coursework. It’s a daunting prospect, the fact that the grades you get from these pieces of work decide whether you get into your chosen university. There is no wonder that students become anxious and stressed throughout this time of year! That is why I’ve compiled a list of tips that helped me when I was revising for and sitting my A-level exams.

  • Organise yourself

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Your school may have already provided you with an exam timetable or deadlines that will tell you when your exams/deadline dates are and where you need to be. Always double check that these are correct and create your own timetable if you wish. I found it really useful if I put the dates up on my wall in big letters and crossed them off as I went along. When doing this, I felt more motivated as I checking things off make me feel like I have accomplished something, which was really useful for me.

  • Go to sleep

It’s something you may be told regularly, but it is really important to get a good amount of sleep before each exam. Usually, 7-8 hours per night is recommended to be enough. If you’re struggling to get to sleep, this is certainly what happened to me, try relaxing through meditation or deep breathing.

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  • Take regular breaks when revising

Have a change of scenery, take a walk outside, dance around your kitchen… do whatever you like during your breaks just make sure you have them! I used to work best to have 45 minutes of revision with a 15-minute break where I used to take a walk around outside (which also got some exercise in as well!)

  • Drink plenty of water

Make sure you stay hydrated, take a water bottle in the exam with you (just check with your school first) and drink plenty throughout the days. Water does wonders for the brain and will help you concentrate more!


  • Be kind to yourself

Reward yourself after every exam, every piece of coursework finished and handed in and every time you finish a day of revision. It’s important to continue to do the things you enjoy such as seeing friends and going to the cinema. Distancing yourself will help you relax and allow you to remember that you are not alone!

I hope that this guide has provided you with some tips for dealing with exam/coursework related anxieties. Remember there are always people you can talk to. We know that getting the grades to go to university is worthwhile so best of luck!