My student life highlights so far…

Hello, my name is Aisha, I’m a first-year undergraduate studying Psychology. Moving to Worcester has been one of the best decisions of my life! There are already so many highlights of my time here so far, and it feels that time has passed so fast and yet I feel like it was only yesterday when I moved into my Halls of Residence!

Not only do I love the vibrant, welcoming environment at the University, but going for scenic walks across the Sabrina Bridge, past the racecourse and soaking in the beauty of Worcester, on my way to the Hive (or more likely one of the cinemas)-  makes me buzz with happiness!

2015-02-09 16.52.08

After taking a gap year, I was unsure about how I would fit in at University seeing as I knew no one before coming here, and I had previously been in an apprenticeship; spending 37 hours a week working in an office environment. The change from that structured work life to a more independent study life with only 9 hours of lectures and a seminar each week opened up a whole new world! I am constantly torn between having a social life or being a hermit and catching up with my favourite TV shows. I think though, I have now managed to strike the right balance to make my days at University both intellectually fulfilling as well as social stimulating.

I have taken on roles of responsibility by being elected as my course’s Student Academic Representative- which gives the chance to log my hours for the Worcester Award. I am also on the Psychology Partnership Panel which is very interesting as I get to converse with the lecturers outside of the classrooms. This year, within the PPP, we started a new endeavour- Spotlight on Psychology- our own newsletter- created by the editorial team comprising of one of the lecturers- Kate Muse, a third year, a second year, and myself.

2015-04-23 23.12.06

I have landed a job as part of the Earn as you Learn scheme as a Student Ambassador which gives me the chance to meet prospective students when they visit on Open days and persuade them to join us here in Worcester. I also have endless amounts of fun within the comradery of the Ambassador team, who I enjoy working with very much as I meet people from different courses and countries who are becoming my favourite people here!

2015-01-30 15.30.38

On the social side, I have joined the film society to feed my inner marvel obsession, the Psychology society, the Harry Potter society, and recently the Dance society in order to become a more physically active person, when the gym and I go into the stage of a cold war, in our on/off relationship. This lends a more social aspect to my life where I have way too much fun at them all (even if I am coordination- wise challenged!)

2015-05-14 09.47.25

Most importantly, I am enjoying my course and find it fascinating- despite the pesky nature of assignments and deadlines which are, I know, a necessary evil!

Overall these are only a few of my highlights here so far, and there are still many more to come!