Skills for the future: Drama & Performance

What skills could you possibly grasp with Drama besides dressing up in the opposite gender and doing different accents?

I hear this all too much – there are more skills than you might think.

If you haven’t done too much work experience at university and hardly any extracurricular activities because you spent all your time rehearsing for performances, then here is a list of qualities that make Drama & Performance students more employable…

1) Not scared of speaking in front of people

2) Good at reading other people’s emotions

3) You could work well in a group

4) You can accept as well as give constructive criticism

5) You are committed with a capital C

6) You think outside the box

7) You are good at breaking the ice

8) You are used to being under pressure, so it doesn’t faze you

These are such good quality to pretty much any job out there… Well, maybe not an accountant.

So when you go for an interview, you can refer back to specific instances where these were evident.

A good format for this is:

S – Situation
T – Task
A – Action
R – Results

Here is an example of putting this format into place…

S – I was backstage when the performance ‘Zombies’ was on.

T – My task was to manage the stage, whilst being backstage.

A – One of the actors forgot to bring on an essential prop, so I acted like a zombie, went on stage and placed the prop on stage.

R – Afterwards the audience thought I was actually part of the play and the play went smoothly.

This showed you can think outside the box, good under pressure and you can work in a group because you looked after your fellow cast.

Use these aforementioned skills in your CV or interview and it will prove to be worthwhile!

The Careers and Employability service at the university can give current students professional and impartial advice, but if you would like more careers help before you come to university contact your school careers team.