My Journey to University of Worcester

I always wanted to go to university since I started my GCSEs. How I would get to university was always something I worried about and the pressure of passing GCSEs and A Levels made for a bumpy ride.

Choosing A Levels is very important when thinking about going to university as some courses require you to do particular A Levels or BTECs. When I started Sixth Form, I was very much torn between doing an English or Drama degree and job prospects was always top of the list when it came to making my decision. English Literature and Drama were definitely two of the A Levels I wanted to do so, choosing them was easy for me. Left with two more options, I didn’t really know what to do… I had an A in GCSE Maths, Bs in all three Sciences and a B in PE and ICT. I was really undecided.

Sixth Form

It came down to my teachers asking me what I enjoyed and what I was interested in. I always loved the sciences and the science department at my Secondary School was really good, so I decided to do Biology and Chemistry. Yes, they’re very different to the two humanity subjects I chose, but that’s what I loved about my A Level choices. They were paired together, two humanity subjects which would be my chosen degree path and two sciences which really did contrast with the other two. I loved the diversity of my A Levels and I think that was a good decision for me. A Levels were definitely the hardest educational stage in my life and it was very hard to keep up with revision for four different subjects.

But, passing your A Levels isn’t all that Universities look for. I did a lot of extra-curricular activities while doing my A Levels. I did youth theatre, the school production and helped out in Year 7 classes. These things really make a difference when applying to university. As I moved into Year 13, I dropped Chemistry as I failed that AS, one of the hardest subjects at A Level I have ever done! I also really enjoyed Drama in Year 12 and finished the year with a B in Drama, a D in Biology and an E in English so this really settled my decision of doing Drama at degree level.

I had completed my UCAS application in 2011 and had applied to different universities, including the University of Worcester. I fell in love with Worcester the moment I visited. Visiting your choices is definitely a must. No matter whether the course suits you or not, you have to remember where you go to University is where you will live for the next three or four years. How I felt about the place was very important to both myself and my parents. Living in the middle of a big city was definitely not the first choice for a girl from the countryside. In the end, after interviews at all four of my choices, Worcester was definitely my favourite!


Results day at the end of Year 13 was always going to be a nerve-racking day. Year 13 was such a tough year and no matter how hard you work sometimes you just never pull off the grades you want and I finished Sixth Form with a B and two Ds. This meant I hadn’t got the required grades for Worcester…I was worried I wouldn’t get in, my interview and personal statement really helped me out, making me realise that it’s not just grades that are important, it’s what you do outside of your studies too. So, the University of Worcester gave me an offer and I just had to accept!

I am so glad I came to the University of Worcester and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being at Worcester has meant I am 45 minutes from home instead of three hours and that has been very important to me over the last three years. I have met some great people both on my course and in my society and those friendships wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t of come to Worcester. Even though I didn’t get the required grades for Worcester I’m so glad I still got my place! Everything happens for a reason and I’m glad I came to Worcester.