Top 5 apps for Job Searchers!

Some of you may have already secured a job after university…or just for the summer, but if you are one of those who find themselves with no job prospects, it can be daunting and scary.

I found a really good blog online about some nifty ways to make your job search easier, by using the most common thing on your phone – apps! Here are some top apps that you can download that could make your job search much smoother.

1) Job Search by Indeed: It’s a very useful app that searches through lots of job vacancies to find the ones most appropriate for you. Very useful by saving you time wasted by trawling through pages and pages of vacancies.

2) ResuM8: Once you’ve found a vacancy you now need to send off you CV. Firstly, you can look at my blog on a CV structure, but this app also helps you build the perfect CV so that the company just have to give you an interview!

3) Job Interview Question-Answer: So you’ve found your dream job with the perfect CV, you now need to do amazingly in the interview. This app gives you some example questions and answers to make sure you know exactly what to say to blow their socks off!

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4) Evernote: You’ve done all this amazing preparation so you will have some pretty good notes you have to remember so you need somewhere to keep these. This app means you can access and edit your notes on multiple devices so you will be fully prepared!

5) Breathe2Relax: The other 4 are serious apps, but this one is just a small app that might just make the whole experience go smoother. This app shows you how to breathe calmly to calm your nerves so you can be the best version of yourself in the interview.

So, these are just 5 very small apps that could make a big difference to your job search! Good luck to everyone who is job searching now and let me know if you readers use any of these apps?!

The Careers and Employability service at the university can give current students professional and impartial advice, but if you would like more help before you come to university, contact your school careers team.