What I’ll miss most about University of Worcester

That’s it,  my time as an undergraduate Drama and Performance student at the University of Worcester has come to an end, so  I’ve decided to write a post about what I’ll miss most about my time as a university student. I’ve had such a good time at university, and much of it was because of the following factors:

  • The people  

I’ve made some great friendships at the university that I’m sure will last forever. We’ve made some great memories on the course creating performances and driving each other crazy.

We’ve also made great memories on nights out, dancing and doing silly things. But all in all we’ve been there for each other living miles away from home, starting off as complete strangers thrown into one big fish bowl (metaphorically speaking of course!) and becoming the best of friends. The lecturers have been great and have helped me get

The lecturers have been great and have helped me get through my degree unscarred. Even though being a student can be really stressful at times, the lecturers are so friendly, helpful and a little bit crazy (well, they are Drama and Performance lecturers) and that really helped to make me feel settled and at home.

I can’t forget my boyfriend either, who I met at University, who has helped me not stress out too much and made me really enjoy my student experience.

Knowing that when I move back home I’m going to be miles away from all these amazing people really isn’t a great thought. I now have friends going back home as far as Yorkshire and Essex and I’ll definitely miss not seeing them all every day, but I’m so glad I was able to meet them.

  • Living in a city

Back home I live in a little town with a few hairdressers, charity shops, pubs and a Co-op. I’m really going to miss living in a city. It might not be a big city, but I’ll miss the huge range of shops and having the nightlife only a 5-minute taxi away! Having everything at my doorstep (again metaphorically speaking, an easy 15-minute walk at least) has been a huge advantage these last three years – definitely something I’ll miss!


  • Independence

Moving back home while I complete my Primary PGCE means I’ll be most likely living under my parents roof for at least a year, so I will definitely miss the independence I gained through living away. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to have my food cooked for me, my clothes washed and ironed, but it’s the freedom to go and do whatever I want whenever I want without nagging parents, which I have loved about living at University.

  • Being at University for only 11 hours a week…

I’m definitely going to miss the 11-hour week as a University student. Only having three lectures a week means I’ve spent most of my last semester doing uni work from the comfort of my own sofa or bed… absolute bliss.  For my PGCE, I have a few weeks doing 9-5 lectures and the rest is in schools doing my work-placements, which will be completely different from my undergraduate lectures. Not that it’s been easy – I’ve definitely put in a lot of work outside of those 11 hours (believe me)!


I have absolutely loved working for the University and I’m really going to miss all of my jobs. I’ve loved blogging about my time at University and what I get up to and being a drama ambassador has been a challenge at times, but so much fun too and it’s definitely been invaluable experience for my CV.

Being a recruitment ambassador has led me to meet lots of new people who are studying or work at the University and allowed me to travel around the country, and has been a lot of fun. Doing the Theatre In Education Tour has also been an amazing experience which I will take with me for a very long time!

  • Meeting the XFactor contestants and other famous people…

I will never, ever, ever, forget the time I met Rylan… I think that says it all!

If you’re a third-year student, what will you miss most about the University of Worcester? Let me know in the comments below…