Registration and Accommodation: The Student Room Frequently Asked Questions

September is only round the corner and some of you may be worried about starting university. Here are some of our frequently asked questions to do with registration and accommodation.

When do we register for university?

After results day, the university will usually send out information on how to register. This is a simple process where you will be provided with a username and password (which you can change later) and you will be asked to fill out some information and then choose your modules for the year. You will also be asked to provide things such as a photo, to put on your student ID!

What are the differences in terms of accommodation on the City campus and St Johns campus?

There are a few differences between the St John’s campus and City campus, mainly the differences in rooms available and their location. The St Johns campus has a mixture of en-suite and standard accommodation rooms, whereas City campus has only en-suite housing. The city campus is situated in the centre whereas St John’s is a 15-20-minute walk from the city centre.

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When do I receive accommodation information/confirmation?

When you have firmly accepted a place at the university, you will be able to apply for accommodation. All details for this will be sent out with joining instructions from the start of April. Remember, if you put Worcester as your firm choice and apply by the 31st May, you will be guaranteed accommodation  in your first year. The accommodation offers normally are sent between the end of June and beginning of July, but don’t worry if some people get the email first and you don’t, you will not be homeless!

I live local – should I commute or live in halls?

There are pros and cons to both. For some, commuting is cheaper especially if they live local, which is what I did for my first year. For others, the university they want to go to may be a fair distance from home, meaning they have to move away into halls of residence. I found that I missed out on some of the university experience such as nights out and I decided in my second year to move out to gain some independence. Although I don’t regret commuting for my first year, I would definitely recommend living at university if you’re worried that you may miss out on the experience.

What can you expect from accommodation inspections?

This is a process that will occur if you live in halls of residence or university-managed accommodation. You will be inspected on a variety of things including fire safety and general cleanliness.

Do university managed houses have the basics e.g. a kettle etc?

Yes, halls of residence and university-managed accommodation will have the basic essentials such as a kettle and toaster.

When do you move into university halls of residence?

Your contract will begin from registration weekend (i.e. the start of Welcome Week), which is usually the beginning of September, but changes year on year. This is when most students move in, however, some university-managed accommodation has earlier dates, which you can check when signing the contract.

We hope these have answered any questions you may have had about registering at university or accommodation. If you have any further queries, why not tweet us your questions.