Interviews and My Course: Frequently Asked Questions

I have a PGCE interview coming up – what can I expect?

You can generally expect a group task, a literacy test, a presentation and an interview for a PGCE. If you want to get an insight into the day, student blogger Emily wrote about her experiences. It’s always useful to prepare like it is a general interview, by practicing interview questions with friends and family.

What can you expect from a portfolio review?

This can be very similar to a general interview; staff will look at your portfolio while you take a tour of the facilities and then you will be interviewed.

What happens when you receive an unconditional offer? 

You don’t have to accept this unconditional offer, but if you do you won’t be able to make an insurance choice or have the option to go into clearing. Your unconditional offer means you go to that university regardless of your grades, but it is important to work hard at your exams because employers often look at those as well as your degree.

Is it possible to change your course if you don’t like it?

The answer is usually yes, but you must be sure that you are making the right decision and are at a time where you are able to change. Try speaking to a careers advisor in our study centre or with your personal tutor.

I’ve applied for a course and received a place, but I want to change my course, how can I do this?

Rather than getting in touch with UCAS you will need to contact the university directly to let them know you want to change the course. They will guide you through the process and let you know if there is anything further you need to do.

When do students in September receive their timetables and reading lists?

When students have registered and selected their modules the timetables will be released to them. Depending on your course, reading lists may be available in the weeks running up to your start date. However, with some courses your reading list may be given out during your first lecture.

I’m stuck between two universities – what should I do?

Have a look at the course; it’s what you will be studying for the next three years! Does it have the right assessment methods for you? Does it offer the modules you want to study? If they’re similar, try looking at the extra-curricular activities they are offering, is there anything that interests you? For example, Worcester is the only place you’ll be able to complete the Worcester Award!