5 ways to save money whilst being a student!

Saving money is always a struggle for us, young adults, who love to shop and love to go out with our friends! So here are a few of my tips to help you save money whilst being a student…

  1. Unidays and Voucher Codes

    These websites (which also can be downloaded as apps on your phone so you can have them while you’re out shopping) are brilliant for discounts.The unidays website can only be used if you have an NUS card, but it is well worth getting! If you want to treat yourself to a new outfit on a budget, then unidays has discount codes for a range of high street and online clothes stores.

    Voucher codes is also another one of my favourite discount sites. You can let the voucher codes app locate where you are and it will let you know what offers it has nearby. Vouchers range from restaurants to hotels, from holidays to clothes shops.


  2. Plan meals

    I can’t stress enough how planning my meals each week has saved me a lot of money whilst being at university. I always keep a note in my diary or on paper of what I plan to eat each day, that way when I come to buying food I don’t buy something I won’t eat or more importantly that is a waste of my money!SavingMoneyPlanningMeals
  3. Online food shopping

    Living on St John’s campus or in St John’s is great as it has two Coops, a Tesco express and a small store called Loco. However, it’s not always easy doing massive shops from these small stores, so my suggestion would be to shop online.Though you can’t see exactly what you’re buying and sometimes you may receive a substitute for what you originally ordered, you can order your food from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered to your house or uni flat for the day and time that suits you best. Also, most supermarkets do a deal if you’re a first time customer.


  4. Shop with housemates

    Doing a food shop with your housemates will save you a lot of money. I didn’t do this in my first year, but did in my second and third year and it has definitely saved me money!Sharing essentials that take a while to consume, but go out of date quickly like milk, bread, cheese, fresh salad, vegetables and fruit are great to buy with your housemates. This way you share the cost and don’t end up having to throw lots away because it has gone off!
  5. Check leaflets that come through your door

    Being a uni student, you get tonnes and tonnes of leaflets through the door. Especially Pizza Hut and Domino’s leaflets, keep them! You never know when you fancy treating yourself because you will want to at some point at uni, whether it is to cure a hangover or to treat yourself for working hard at your degree!

These aren’t the only ways to save money, they’re just a few of my easy ways to help you save; if you have any great ways to save money whilst being a student, don’t hesitate to comment below!