From Home to Halls

Living in halls is an experience, and that’s the only way I can describe it. For the first couple of months I was overwhelmed by my new found independence and I was enjoying living my life with what felt like no boundaries or any cares in the world.

This was different to living at home; the practical aspects of having no physical door key and instead using my student card to let me into my room caused me to lock myself out on many occasions.

I was always on the forefront of student activity; a knock on my door always meant an invitation that I should never pass up. I had easy access to the campus, the library, students union and security (if I ever needed them). I lived with strangers who became close friends, an experience you will never have elsewhere in life and something I definitely wouldn’t have at home.


I could wake up and go to sleep at any time I wished and even take mid afternoon naps without anyone thinking I was lazy. I didn’t have to clean my room if I didn’t want to, take the rubbish out or tidy up the kitchen because we had a cleaner who was nice enough to do it for us, something I obviously didn’t have at home.

Making friends was easy, I left my door open on the first day and introduced myself to everyone who was moving in. From there, we explored the university together, attended welcome week activities and met up to cook breakfast in the mornings.

The one thing I did miss was having the company of my family around me but with living so close to home, I was able to visit them regularly. Overall living in halls is something I will never forget, it’s so different from living at home, it’s a change of scenery and a chance to learn about yourself and gain some independence too.