5 tips on how to be an organised student

I’ve always been praised on how organised I am and my lecturer even said that my organisational skills would make me a very good stage manager if I ever wanted to pursue a career in the theatre world! However, I’m going to put my organisational skills to use in the world of primary education. So I thought I would share some of my tips on how to be an organised student with you…

  1. Get yourself a diary

    I can’t stress enough how important a diary is! Not just for when you’re a student, but for life! A diary or a calendar is useful if you want to write down when you’ve organised meetings, have work or appointments.
    This way you won’t double (or triple – we’ve all been there) book yourself leaving you stressed and having to reschedule! My diary is my saviour and I have everything I need in there. I’d be lost without it!OrganisedStudentDiary
  2. Get different notebooks for different lectures

    Separating one lecture from another is a good idea so that you know which piece of work goes with which module! You can use different notebooks to do this or dividers in a folder.You don’t want to be waking up Thursday morning after a Wednesday night social to discover you can’t find the piece of work you were meant to bring in for that week because you have all your work in one place and spend ages flicking through every page to find it!
  3. Make groups on facebook!

    As a drama student working with other people with different timetables, who don’t live in Worcester, for example, I find that such groups are a good way to keep in touch with your fellow students.Group messages are also useful for when you want to tell those you’re working with when and where you’re rehearsing for a module. I also name the group conversation on facebook the name of the module so there’s no confusion in case you work with the same people in more than one module!

    Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your degree when you’re at home!OrganisedStudentFacebook

  1. Make yourself a timetable

    Make a timetable with your lectures in and then if you have a regular part-time job, pop in when you do that and then you have documented when you’re free and when you’re in lecturers or work.This way you know when you can get any assignments done and also when you can have some down time with your friends!OrganisedStudentTimetable
  2. Stick to it

    Anyone can do any of the four tips above, but for them to actually help you to be more organised you have to stick to them! Be disciplined on yourself to stick to my tips and I’m sure you’ll be on your way to being a very organised student!

If you have any organisational tips please don’t hesitate to comment below, I’d love to find out if there’s any other overly organised people like me out there!