Life After University: The Long Graduand Summer

Throughout University, it goes without saying that you will be VERY busy.

Despite the jokes most people of a slightly older generation make about living the ‘easy life’ as a student, realistically, it is a really busy time for students. Not only will you have thousands and thousands of words to write for each module you choose, but you will most likely also be gathering some form of volunteering experience in your chosen industry, or be managing a paid part-time job alongside your studies, or, in many cases, both!

So all of a sudden, May of your third year comes along. Your dissertation, which took up every spare second of thought, has now been handed in. Your final assignments have been submitted. And most people you know are starting to move out of Uni, or at least have plans to do so.

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And there is, inevitably, a very long Summer ahead!

You will obviously use some of this time to enjoy your last few days or weeks in your chosen University town to pack up all your belongings and the life you had made over the last three years, and throw them somewhat unceremoniously into a few reasonably sturdy cardboard boxes and suitcases.

You will also use some of this time, most likely, for a break, or a little trip away, be it with your family, friends or partner. This, I strongly encourage, as it took me a fair while to switch off after all of my assignments and independent study had to be handed in, and my holiday with friends provided an instant cure for this.

Then, even after you have done these things, you will still have a solid two or three months to fill before what would have been the start of your next University year…

So it’s time to get productive!! It can be difficult to motivate yourself after you have just completed such a large amount of work in such a short period of time, but once you have had a little break, one of the best feelings in the world is actually becoming productive again.

It can be really enjoyable (as well as frustrating) to search for your ideal job when you come out of University, accessing various different independent job sites or recruitment agencies regularly to help you out, or try to find a new house or flat in a new area to live in. The frequent searches make you feel productive again, and can be really helpful when the boredom begins to set in.

I, personally, have secured a job in a school, which means my contract doesn’t start until the new Academic Year in September. This means I have had, and will continue to have, a loooong Summer ahead of me…. And this is even considering I did a month long project for the University, have been busy finding and moving into a new house, and have been on Holiday!!

What I am basically saying is, it is easy to feel a bit lost through the long Summer after University finishes.

Student Summer Holiday

But there are also plenty of ways to make yourself feel busy, and productive! Job searches, holidays (not productive, but well worth it!!), property searches, investigations into post-graduate study, and, in the case of fellow school workers, finding resources and preparing for the year ahead, are all great ways to keep yourself busy!

So make the most of your post study freedom. Go out! See your friends! Have plenty of fun! And go on Holiday, if you can! And when you come back, just know that there are pleeeenty of ways to keep yourself productive, and on the ball! 🙂

And, when the time is right, University will more than have prepared you for the career, and indeed entire lifetime you have ahead!