What if things don’t go to plan with your course?

You’ve gotten accepted into University…check! You’ve moved into halls and made tons of new friends…check! You’ve started your course and things aren’t what they seem….erugh.

This is actually quite common when starting university and throughout your time studying it won’t be uncommon to hear others changing their minds about what they want to study.

Don’t panic as nothing is set in stone for any choices that you make at the university.

I, myself, changed my mind on course AND University and it was one of the best things I did, so here’s some advice from me to your good selves.

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Firstly, as I said nothing is set in stone, whether that’s course, modules, university whatever it is, everything can be changed to make sure you’re happy with the choices that you’ve made.

If you’re unhappy with your course and things aren’t what you expected when you start, then don’t fret – go and speak with the course leader and explain your thoughts and how you feel.

Lecturers are always 10000000% supportive and they will do what they can to make sure things are best for you!

By talking to the lecturers they might be able to suggest some alternatives rather than changing the course completely; if it’s certain elements you don’t like, it may simply be a case of switching your modules so you’re learning the right stuff for you.

Again this is really easy to do and a simple word with your course leader will get things sorted pronto!

However, if this is really not the case and you are really unhappy with your course, again go and speak to the lectures.

I studied Film Studies and Screenwriting and it was very common that people would be chopping and changing their minds, simply because they may have thought Film Studies was about running around with a camera, not being geeky and looking at film theories; therefore they would simply switch Film Studies to Film Production and they were happy.

There is always a fluctuation period of a couple of months, especially when you first start the university to allow students to settle down and change their minds if need be!


I would always suggest doing as much research about the course as possible before starting university so you know 100% what you’re going to study and whether you’re going to be happy doing so.

Open days are a great way to do this to chat to lecturers and current students so you can know all the ins and outs with the course.

But, like I’ve already said, sometimes a course may seem great on paper and speaking to people, but when you’re in the classroom it’s just not the same.

Follow the advice and speak to lecturers who will be able to change things for you and make you happy by studying the right stuff.

Always remember don’t panic and nothing is set in stone, there’s always ways around problems!