Study something you Love: Choosing a Course

Choosing a course can be quite difficult, especially as there are so many options to choose from nowadays. My advice for you is to study something you love! This is exactly what I did and I wouldn’t change my three years studying for anything.

I always knew that I wanted to study sports; there was no doubt about it. My favourite subject at school was PE and was the only subject I really looked forward too.

I always loved watching and participating in sports like football, netball, badminton, athletics, dancing and anything else that I could have a go at!

This is one of the reasons I wanted to study at Worcester, the sports facilities which are used for lectures are fantastic and they have a whole host of sports societies you can join.

The next big question for me was what sport course was I going to study at Worcester?

There were so many sports courses to choose: sports coaching, sports therapy, sport business management, and physical education.

I will stop there as the list is too long and to make it even harder to choose you can study some of these courses together! You can check out all the courses and combinations you can study here.

I sat down with my mom one evening with the University of Worcester prospectus and did research on each of the different sport courses available.

What were the entry requirements, what were my job prospects following my degree and would I be taught in a practical way?

I liked the sound of Sports and Exercise Science the best because of the particular modules that I would be studying. I loved the idea of being able to pick and choose my modules to suit my interests, modules such as sports nutrition, physiology and physical activity, exercise and health.

I really liked the module descriptions for each of the modules and it explained that the lectures would be practical based. This was perfect for me.


One of the main reasons for choosing this course was because I liked where the course might take me following my degree. We had the chance to gain a lot of practical experience within lectures, the opportunity to study abroad and the chance to complete a work placement too.

Studying this course has opening up a lot of doors into the world of Sport and Exercise Science. I had a fantastic time studying Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Worcester and I would do it all again if I had the chance.

If you would like to ask me any questions about my course or what it is like to study at Worcester then feel free to drop a question to me here.