The best ways to celebrate your exam results

So, you’ve spent weeks revising, days stressing, hours in hot exam halls and it all boils down to the minute you open up your results.

The second you see that you have achieved the grades makes all the time you have spent studying in the previous months completely worth it!

The most important thing you now have to decide is how you are going to celebrate this monumental achievement.  Here are some ideas to get you started…

Bin your revision notes

One way to celebrate the end of exams is by ‘binning’ (better still, recycling) your revision notes. Not only is it a great way to tidy your room up, but it also confirms in your mind that exams are finally over and a new chapter of your life is beginning.

However, you may want to hang on to some essential notes and textbooks, but for the most part you’ll be able to clear your room and mind of all exam-related items.


Meet up with your friends

One of the best ways to celebrate your exam results is by meeting up with the people who have been studying just like you, sat in the same exam halls as you and are equally looking forward to the exciting days ahead.

When I received my results a big group of my friends and I all met up and celebrated by having a meal together. It was such a great atmosphere because everybody was so happy (and relieved!) and excited for the future.

As most of my friends were going to university or moving away it was also a good chance to meet up before we went our separate ways.


Do something different

The period of time after your receive your exam results and before you start university is a special time. Use it wisely and try to do something different, whether it’s climbing a mountain or trying a new sport, enjoy the time and celebrate the fact that all your hard work has paid off.


Get ready for university

Another good way to wave goodbye to the exam period and say hello to the next chapter in your life is to start preparing for university.

Buying pots and pans and various household items may not seem like much fun, but I found it was actually really exciting and it makes the next period in your life seem much more real.



I hope these suggestions have given you some ideas to celebrate your exam results, but if you’re excited about getting stuck into university life and want to know more you can ask the Graduate Ambassador team on twitter.