Thoughts you have when… you are packing to go to university

Packing to leave for  the university for the first time is really exciting. For me, it felt like I was going on an adventure and I was already looking forward to the great times I was going to have. I’ve written about some of the thoughts I had when I was preparing to fledge the nest. I’ve also included some packing tips which I hope are useful!

I have left it too late!

I hadn’t really considered how big a task packing was going to be. In my mind, all I needed to do was throw some clothes in a bag, but I soon realised that there was much more that I needed to take with me. It eventually dawned on me that I wasn’t packing for a weekend away, I was actually moving out! Although I managed to get all my treasured belongings into the car, leaving for the university would have been a much more enjoyable experience had I planned it a little more!

Have I got everything?

This definitely wasn’t helped by the little amount of time I had left myself to pack, although I think everyone feels that they have forgotten something before they leave. So as long as you have all the essentials with you, you can always pick up bits when you arrive. Also, try to avoid taking everything you possibly can as you often don’t need it!



Will I need…?

When I was packing my things I was constantly questioning what I would need to take with me. I would definitely advise making a list of the things you need to take with you, check what your accommodation already provides and pack accordingly (check out the University of Worcester accommodation page for more information). By the end of my first year, I knew exactly what to take to university and also what I needed to leave at home.


It’s all packed now.

It was such a relief when I finally packed everything into the car. It was nice knowing that everything was packed and I didn’t need to do anymore. At this point, I decided anything not packed could be picked up later! The adventure really started here…