Some tips for you

Now that I have been at home for the past few months and will be returning to University next week. It feels so strange! I remember missing those late nights, every day in Peirson days, broken sleep, random meals that are improvised out of whatever is remaining in your fridge and cupboards … Wait no, I still have two more years of that to go, so that sentiment passed quickly!

But I do have some tips and advice to share so you won’t go and make the same mistakes I did.

  • Printer

I recommend bringing a printer for your room. I found it extremely useful and effective, in terms of keeping notes during lectures. As I printed off the slides the night before, made additional notes and went to town on different coloured highlighters and pens during the lectures. I really abused my set of fine liners, the poor things, but they served me well. This means that you don’t have laptop issues during the lectures, like the battery dying, or throwing a tantrum that loses all those notes, for example. It happens. It also has the additional benefits on saving money for printing at uni!

  • Societies2015-06-03 18.06.06

Joining societies is something I highly recommend, but make sure you pick the right ones for you. Joining too many of them at the Society Fair can be a bit of a waste as, from my experience, you may not end up continuing with all of them. Go to the tester sessions available and try different things to see what fits your interests best. I recommend around 2-4 societies depending upon the meeting days and this way, you’ll save money where I didn’t!

  • Job

I recommend that you get one of these as early as you can. Take advantage of the job fairs and the university website; the Careers and Employability service also offer different workshops such as CV writing skills, interview workshops. Not only that, they advertise the jobs that are available around Worcester on their bulletin in the office as well as the social media weekly. With their help, I got 2 jobs as Residential Ambassador and International Experience Ambassador posts.

2015-06-03 18.03.11

  • Get involved.

Volunteer where possible – it will be rewarding and update your V-log as if you log above 50 hours it is recorded on your Higher Education Achievement Record. There is also the Worcester Award– which I plan on completing this year; this will increase your employability.

  • Explore2015-05-24 20.13.42

If you’re an International, make the most of being in England! The countryside and greenery are unique to England, just as the weather. If you’ve moved to Worcester like I have, I recommend you explore and enjoy what it has to offer. To be honest, I did not get to do this, and so I regret it. I plan on doing this when I return to my free days. I mean, we’re so close to the Malvern Hills and I haven’t been! I’m rather ashamed of that. However, I have been to the history museum, the different campuses, all supermarkets, the parks, the Hive, the history museum and the Cathedral. But there are other attractions to visit, so make sure you explore your new town!