How to spend money wisely in Freshers’

The Freshers’ Week is here and there are lots of tantalising temptations just waiting to create a big hole in your wallet. While you might think that the more you spend, the more you’ll get out of it, hold fire! Here are a few handy tips, to help you get the most out of your freshers’ week without breaking the bank.

Set yourself a budget 

While it might be tempting to adopt the “you only live once” view of life during freshers’ week, it’s important that you have a rough idea of costs to help keep them at a minimal. You can’t be exact with the figures, but having a rough estimation can always be handy so you don’t end up paying over the odds.

Freshers’ Fair

As well as finding out what’s going on at the university, freshers’ fair is a brilliant chance to grab some freebies…especially the pens! At the society fair, most societies will want to grab you and urge you to join. While this is great, most come with a small joining fee and some hold additional costs, so just be wary.

Fancy dress

If you are thinking of attending a few fancy dress nights out, the costs can really start to mount up. That’s why charity shop clothes are the best bet for a cheap way to dress up!  You’ll be amazed at what you can find, as the saying goes ‘one man’s rubbish is another man’s freshers’ treasure’.


Food Deals

Try to cook as much as you can to save those pennies, but let’s be honest, sometimes the takeaway urge is just too strong, so be savvy with available offers. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the discount leaflets scattered around the uni, they’re great for a discounted meal.

First shop

If your parents are dropping you off on your first day, flutter those eyelashes and sweetly ask if they could buy you the first food shop. The first one is always the hardest (and usually most expensive). Plus they may have a better idea of what staple goods to buy that will last you a long time and chances are you won’t have to walk all of the bags back to your accommodation either!


Buying books

While books for many causes are essential, there are many glorious ways to purchase them at a discounted price. Some lectures will offer codes for discounted prices, but the go to method is looking online for second-hand copies. Also, not all books are core texts, so it’s worth “reading around” on which books take priority. If money really is an issue, the university library will provide copies of the core textbooks. Some courses prioritise academic journals over books, which are easily accessible online and better yet, they’re free!

Student discount

It is strongly advised to make the most of this, you’ll miss it when it’s gone. All this will require is showing your student card (which you’ll get when arriving at uni). If the company doesn’t advertise student discount, it’s always worth asking!

With all the costs in fresher’s week, it’s worth being prepared, look for offers and ask yourself if you will make the most of the thing you’re just about part your cash with. But above all, enjoy yourself, the experiences will be more valuable than flashing your cash.