Student living cleaning kit.

When you move out of your family home and into your own flat/house with your flatmates one of the biggest things to change is chores. You may have done cleaning or chores at home with your family, but most families share the jobs out; but when you’re at university, nobody else is going to do it for you!

Whilst at university, I used to have a box of cleaning products that were invaluable when living with other people. It may seem simple, but it’s easily forgotten and a messy dirty house is not fun to live in!

• Antibacterial spray: this can be used for everything!
• Bathroom spray: a dirty bathroom is NOT nice to use.
• Drain unblocker: especially if you’re living with all girls (like I did), you’ll need this for the shower!
• Bleach: always good to get things REALLY clean.
• Cloths: with all this cleaning products it’s easy to forget something to actually clean with!
• Washing machine tablets: you’ll have dirty clothes piling up before you realise.
• Washing up liquid: piles of dirty plates are pretty gross to come home to.

Yes, I know it’s boring, but everyone likes a clean house. All part of living independently.