What can you do with your drama degree?

“You’re doing Drama then, eh? So I’m gonna see you on the box in a few years!”

If I had a penny for every time I heard that one, I could actually pay off my student loan…

Indeed, TV acting is one job, but there are more avenues to go down…

Modules always change, but some modules I’ve had at the University of Worcester have been very beneficial like…

– Stage to Screen
– Work Placement
– Theatre and Digital Media
– Theatre, Real Lives & History

They all help you think about the after university –  like the Work Placement module helps you get insider industry knowledge and Theatre, Real Lives & History explores what jobs you can do with theatre and educational programmes at museums and historic sites.

Here are some jobs that Drama students can go into and have relevant skills for…

1) TV

2) Radio

3) Media & Broadcasting

4) Theatre

5) Starting a theatre company

6) Dramatherapy

7) Marketing & Sales

8) Advertising & PR

9) Playwriting

10) Teaching/Lecturing

You could get a job in either of these sectors or maybe you might have a job completely different to this –  like a builder. Your degree doesn’t define your future, but the skills you’ve acquired in that subject will be useful in various environments.

Obviously, it’ll take some time to get you where you want to go. Maybe you’ll leave uni and immediately get the role of assistant producer for a renowned radio station, or you might get the role of  an office admin. Time will tell. Good luck, everyone!